"Successful companies always change, but their principles never do.”

- Clark Ivory, CEO

Ivory Homes Principles

We want everyone on our team, from framers to bankers as well as those that buy and live in our homes, to understand the driving principles behind our company and what motivates us to continually improve. Our 5 principles are listed below:


People — that's where Ivory Homes begins. Certainly, the people that buy and live in our homes are vital, but we are also referring to the people that hammer the nails, pave the streets, engineer the lots, supply the lumber, install our doors and market our communities. It's hundreds of important people who make Ivory Homes who we are.

With all of us in mind, our founder, Ellis R. Ivory, introduced our Mission Statement in 1989: "To build quality homes with lasting value, year after year, producing happy customers who buy again and refer others to Ivory and a great life for all who work on the Ivory Team." We choose to work with people that possess the energy, intelligence, and above all, integrity to succeed. We put people first and people make us number one.


We seek their opinion, we value it, we implement it — and it makes us better. After we began surveying customers in 1994 and found that only 74% would refer Ivory Homes to their friends and families, we knew we could do better. Our focus became taking care of our customers — providing service beyond expectations, designing quality homes with superior features — and offering it all at a great value. Our hard work has been a proven win-win.

We have now enjoyed 90%-plus customer satisfaction for more than a decade. We know that maintaining this level will take a constant effort to improve as our customers continue to raise the bar. We don't mind it. We expect and welcome it.


We have strength as a team. We enjoy one another, challenge one another and help one another improve. Rather than hire mavericks that are looking to put a badge on their chests, we hire quality individuals that understand that every role and every part is significant to the ultimate accomplishment and success that goes along with a winning team.


We value proven partnerships. When we share goals with our partners we are more likely to share success. We have been doing business for more than 30 years with many of the same land sellers, subcontractors, banks and suppliers. Our trustworthy, proven partners contribute greatly to our success, but more importantly, they become friends. Friends stick together through the thick and the thin.

Ivory Institute

Because we understand the benefits of forging long-term partnerships, we created the Ivory Institute in 1996 to help share our goals and objectives with valued trade partners, employees and all of our team members. Each year Ivory Institute gives us the opportunity to gather our thoughts and teach one another, ensuring we are prepared to meet the ever-changing market.


Our product is the mark we leave today and the legacy we leave for the future. After all is said and done, the ads forgotten and the blue prints put away — what remains are the homes and communities we build. That's why we care so much

A home is where families grow, memories are made, and where kids and grandkids come back to visit. We want our homes to reflect our passion for building. Our motto says it all: We Care About Your Home Today and Its Value Tomorrow.

We have come a long way in the product that we provide. The term 'home' has come to mean so much more than the structure in which you live. It's also the neighborhood that surrounds your home. A beautiful community, a superior home — this is our commitment.


We are dedicated to building lasting beauty and comfort in every home. We rely heavily on customer input and many years of experience to provide superior home designs.

We have won numerous awards for best of show, people's choice, interior design as well as accolades from professionals and fans alike. However, the most valued award is being the #1 choice of Utah homebuyers.


Utah is our home. We love that both our roots and our future are here. We have come to understand the diverse geography that makes Utah so beautiful and unique and we know that there is something here for everyone.

While we have many locations that span the mountains, hills, valleys and red deserts of Utah, we take extra measures to ensure each location has the best that Utah has to offer.


While we visit visionary communities and builders all over the country to get the latest ideas in the industry, our best ideas actually come from our customers. By listening to our customers, we improve our features and come up with new designs and floor plans. We want to build a home for every stage of life. In addition to our single family homes, we have designed innovative townhomes, luxury homes and active adult communities.

In the late 90's we began to see the potential of our communities in a different light. We wanted to add value for our homebuyers in a way that no other builder in Utah had. It started with a community clubhouse, then we added walking trails, a pool, tennis court and many other amenities that increased the sense of "community" among Ivory homeowners. It became "Club Ivory". It has been a tremendous success and adds to the quality of our neighborhoods.


Our homebuying process is designed to be easy and enjoyable. It needs to be convenient enough that our homebuyers look forward to doing it again — we are proud that many choose to do so.

One of the best ways to start the process is to walk through one of our beautifully decorated model homes where the features and spacious living areas can be experienced. We have more decorated model homes throughout Utah than any other homebuilder, which makes selecting and designing a home easy.


We believe that a house is not a home until our customers add their personal touch. Our Customer Design Center is where dreams become reality. Homebuyers personalize their home with our team of in-house design consultants.

We also understand the importance of making this whole process more convenient by offering finance and title services on-site at our Customer Design Center.


No two Ivory Homes are exactly the same. However, the same lasting quality can be found in all of our homes. From design to material, from craftsmanship to warranty, quality is built into every step of our process.


Profit isn't our last or least important principle, in fact, it makes everything else possible. However, we have found that if we put our people first, develop fantastic products, cultivate a process that makes home buying simple, and then take care of our community, profits are the natural result.


We have lived through the ups and downs of the market. We started as a land developer, but became a homebuilder because of the challenging market of the early 80's. We learned many invaluable lessons as we struggled to survive the cycle. We have learned to limit our leverage and to plan for the cycle. With a healthy balance sheet, the cycle becomes a window of great opportunity.


Building thousands upon thousands of homes for Utah families has created our brand. Ivory Homes represents excellent value without sacrificing quality or individuality.

Our dominance in Utah has strengthened our brand. This has helped us operate more efficiently, streamline costs and establish solid relationships with our partners. This has led to improved quality, reliability and access to resources.

We know what our customers want and we strive to give them the best value in the market.


We have been very disciplined in defining our geographic boundaries and focusing our attention within them. Certainly, there have been great opportunities in other markets outside Utah, but our focus is here.

Over many years we have cultivated a strong reputation in what the Utah Jazz considers their local market. Not until we feel we have fulfilled the demands in this market will we consider others.

We have always believed that the best home builders are local. As Utah's #1 homebuilder, we are in touch with our market. We have created strong relationships with the communities, suppliers, and customers for whom we build.

Most importantly however, our focus on this market means we are entirely committed to the long-term growth and success of Utah and will continue to give back to the community in order to support that success.

Coming Full Circle

We have the right principles and we understand their value. Now it's up to us to correct our mistakes, recognize our weaknesses, and tackle any challenges that lie in our path to success. Stay true to these principles. We will definitely change, but our principles must remain solid.


We care about the larger world that we live in and our very own community — it's ours, it's where we live and where we raise our children and we know it's our responsibility to make it better.


We all need to conserve the valuable resources of our planet. To us, this means making energy-saving packages available which not only conserve the earth's resources but save our homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of their home.

But conserving is also a part of how we design and build communities. Wise planning of open space and landscaping is good for the whole community as well as the environment.

Quality Neighborhoods

It is not just building pools and tennis courts that make a great neighborhood. It's the little things that matter — the impact of how we master plan the roads and establish a tree planting plan, the entry walls and monuments that buffer against busy traffic, and of course, the overall design.

Our Club Ivory developments, master-planned communities, and quality designs add value to our customers' homes. However, our hope is that they also positively impact neighboring communities and inspire other builders to bring innovative amenities and development concepts to their communities as well.

Creating neighborhoods that look better with age is the legacy we aim to leave for our homebuyers.

Giving Back

Not only do we need to care for those who buy our homes, we need to take care of those who have no home or struggle with other critical needs.

We embrace diversity. We have a responsibility to make sure those from varying backgrounds are treated well, not just fairly.

We also have a civic obligation to make sure that the right decisions are made by our government and community leadership so that both our economy and community develop in a way that will have enduring value.


No two Ivory Homes are exactly the same. However, the same lasting quality can be found in all of our homes. From design to material, from craftsmanship to warranty, quality is built into every step of our process.


We believe that a house is not a home until our customers add their personal touch. Our Customer Design Center is where dreams become reality. Homebuyers personalize their home with our team of in-house design consultants.

We also understand the importance of making this whole process more convenient by offering finance and title services on-site at our Customer Design Center.

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